End-of-the-Month Weigh-in: July

This month’s weight loss =  0.4 lbs  (⌣_⌣”)

Total weight loss overall =  9.6 lbs 

Clearly, I fell off the band-wagon this month. I had a bit of a minor stomach bug that lasted almost two weeks and that really threw me off eating wise. I’m only now just starting to get back into keto mode. I’m still eating a bit of rice on the weekends but I’m fine with that, and lately I’ve been eating some toast over the weekend as well. *shrugs* What can I say? I’m totally enjoying my short break from school. Starting August 19, I’ll be taking on three classes so…God help me.

End-of-the-Month Weigh-in: June

This month’s weight loss =  4.2 lbs 

Total weight loss overall =  9.2 

I totally slacked off this month and I forgot to take an actual screen shot on June 30 but whatever. I fell off the bandwagon with my breakfast routine a little bit because lately I haven’t been getting good sleep and I’m always in a rush in the mornings again, which I hate. I usually boil two eggs and while that’s happening in the microwave, I fry sausages. And when I remembered the day before, I usually take a small bag of salad with me from the convenience store but this month was super stressful and for some reason I tended to forget buying the salad! That, and sometimes I would just forget to bring the salad altogether and it would end up being wasted in the fridge. Sigh. FML.

I definitely notice that getting a good night’s sleep is when I burn the most fat and lose the most weight. On a good night’s rest, I usually lose 2lbs by the morning. I also notice that I can’t sleep beyond 9-10 hours anymore. Before, sometimes when I’m so tired, I would fall into a mini coma and sleep for 12 hours. That doesn’t happen to me anymore and I’m happy about that because it gives me more time to get things done over the weekend instead of walking around lethargic from too much sleep.

End-of-the-Month Weigh-in: May

Total weight loss =  5 lbs 

I wasn’t very strict on myself about carbs this past month. I cheated a few times a week and ate a little bit of rice, or ate a piece of bread, or had a cookie (or five). Still, I’m happy with this progress. The biggest change that I stuck with is my breakfast. I only eat sausage, egg, and salad. I no longer deviate on my breakfast. I have light lunches now, but occasionally I’ll have a taco salad if I’m super hungry, a Subway wrap, or a Burger King garden salad. I also no longer snack on sweets. My go-to snack is salami and string cheese. It fills me up and takes care of the salt cravings I get. For sweet cravings, I usually just drink a cup of coffee (it’s the pre-made Japanese kinds that contain a little bit of sugar) or drink straight tea. Also, I no longer binge on water, I just drink whenever I’m thirsty.

I feel a noticeable difference in my belly pooch. My pants feel a bit looser, but I still can’t quite make it into the next smaller size.

The Diet to End All Diets

I’m so excited right now because I just bought my first ever Keto recipe book. It’s called “Keto Comfort Foods” by Maria Emmerich.

And, guess what?! My digital scale came in today! I have never been so excited to weigh myself in my entire life. LOL. Okay, so here’s what I clocked in at today. This marks as my official starting weight. I’m going to do these weigh-ins at the end of each month to not only check on my progress, but to also hold myself accountable.

It begins with chocolate

I’ve decided to embark on a ketogenic diet and today is day #1. I cooked myself sausages and eggs for breakfast and that was it, no toast or rice. My lunch was half of a Subway wrap. Since I have quite a sweet tooth, I decided to try out darker chocolates as a replacement for my chocolate needs. I wanted to try the 90% one by Lindt but it was out of stock so I just went with these instead.

Henceforth, I’m going to try and eliminate as much carbs from my diet as possible. I’ll be converting all of my milk into soy or almond milk (for my lactose issues), and avoid sugar (except for the ones in these chocolates!). I’m now logging all of my food intake into MyFitnessPal.

I also ordered a digital scale so as soon as I get that in the mail next week, I’ll weigh myself and that will be my official starting weight. The last time I went to the doctor a month ago, I was 159lbs (I’m 5’3″).

My goal weight is 115lbs…. wish me luck.